|free accommodation|Japan|Would you like to stay in the popular ski area Hakuba for free?


Would you like to stay in the popular ski area Hakuba for free?



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Hakubamura-Kitashiro 3020-6Hakuba

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free accommodation

cleaning, customer service


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rotating shifts
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What we want you to do.
Room cleaning
Most of the rooms are Japanese-style rooms, so this is a simple cleaning task that can be done in about 10 minutes per room.
(1) Fold the mattresses and put them in the wardrobe.
(2) Replace quilts and pillows with new covers and put them in the wardrobe.
(iii) Collect rubbish and vacuum.
(iv) Set out new sheets, bath towels, face towels and toothbrushes.
Some rooms also have toilets and unit bathrooms, but
The work is not difficult and takes about 30 minutes per room.

SNS post.
When you go skiing or snowboarding, please take photos and post them on social networking sites.

The above is approximately 16 hours per week, with more on Saturdays and Sundays.
On weekdays when there is free time, we finish at 12:00, so you can ski hard.


3020-6 Kitashiro, Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture

Things to be exchanged (provided)
(1) Staff room accommodation
(2) Bribery (in the morning)
(3) Parking space

+ For those who would like to learn Chinese as an alpha, this is an environment where you can learn Chinese.
The importance of Chinese in addition to English is increasing these days, and we think you will be able to gain experience that you can make use of next time.

● Requirements.
Those who have no resistance to cleaning.
People who are not resistant to cold weather.

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Mountainside Jodel

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Hakubamura-Kitashiro 3020-6

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